Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Like Christmas!

I have gotten so much great stuff in the mail the past few days that it feels like Christmas! Oh, wait, it is Christmas! But all this great stuff in the mail makes it really feel like a holiday :)

First, I got a $10 check. A few weeks back, I received a $10 virtual gift card via e-mail from Money-saving Methods pointed out the fine print: you could request your gift card in the form of cold hard cash! This is truly remarkable because I am not really a regular customer. As a birthday gift to my sister, I annually renew her subscription to a magazine. It's actually cool because will automatically renew it for you (and I am prone to forget!). A few month ago, sent me another $10 gift card for fun, and I got a free magazine subscription with it. That arrived today as well!

Then today, I received 3 things from Rite Aid: my November rebate (over $118), my Gift of Savings $20 gift certificate, and my free Diabetes tote, full of coupons, samples, rebates, and even free music downloads!

I also received a CD that I pre-ordered months ago & had completely forgotten about. And I hit my 2nd CVS (hit the 1st one last night) and the 2nd one had the Arm & Hammer Essentials cleaners. I scored 5 of those, more Listerine, and more Right Guard and made some money in the process!

And I became an aunt again yesterday! Merry Christmas to me!

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