Friday, January 9, 2009

BIG NEWS: 60 Free SoyJoy Bars at CVS!

In less than a week, we are traveling to California & will be gone for 9 days. I realized yesterday that a good portion of CVS ECB's that I had left over from December's 2-day sale would expire while I was there. I promptly went to CVS's site, and to my dismay discovered there are no CVS's anywhere near where I will be!

While I was mourning the demise of my ECB's & trying to contemplate a scheme in which I could spend these, I found out about an unadvertised deal that is free after ECB's. You can now get either 5 or 10 boxes of 6 SoyJoy bars, depending on where you live, totally free! Bear (my son) and I ran out this morning and made money by purchasing 10 boxes of bar, as well as some of the other free after ECB items for this month, in 2 transactions. I had 2 $4 off $20 coupons, so I made $8!

You need to be this in 2 or more transactions, though. I would recommend buying 5 boxes in your 1st transaction. You could also buy one box at a time if you don't have any ECB's saved, and pay for each subsequent transaction after that with the ECB's you received in the previous transaction. After buying 5 boxes, look at your receipt and see if it says "SoyJoy bar limit reached". Some people are reporting they could only get 5; others are saying it worked with up to 10. There are coupons in the 1/4 paper for SoyJoy bars, but they are not meant to be used with the boxes.

One other warning: I really needed to search for these bars to find them. They were not with the individual SoyJoy bars in the diet needs/nutritional bars section. I checked the grocery section & the candy section as well, since some people were reporting they had found them there. Finally, I found them on display at the end of an aisle near the pharmacy.

Special thanks to my friend E & Common Sense with Money for the heads up on this deal! CSWM is the only blog I have found reporting this, so news of the deal is not widespread yet. It looks as if it's a month-long deal, but if I were you, I'd head to CVS & get some SoyJoy bars! Now i just have to figure out what to do with mine since we can't eat soy :)

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Brenna!

    There's a dollar off coupon on the SoyJoy website, too...
    AND if you and your spouse each have a CVS card you can get twice as many boxes! Between those and the CVS brand cheez-its, I filled the pantry!