Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shaw's Scores!

I went back to Shaw's today to try again & see if the register rewards really were printing on the prices before sale. And they were! I must have done something wrong in my transactions yesterday.

I got 13 boxes of cereal (including 5 boxes of Cascadian Farms organic granola), 1 box off muffin mix & 1 box of granola bars. I had a coupon for every product, and I did it in 2 transactions. I paid $24 and change out of pocket, and received $30 in register rewards! I didn't try to roll the RR; they cannot be used on Procter & Gamble products, anyway, though none of the food items are P&G. I sort of felt as if I was already saving so much money that the least I could do is pay cash :)

So get thee to a Shaw's now!


  1. LOL Love that last line. WTG on the shopping trip!
    Last night I was buying Boost 6pks and I had brought a coupon for I think it was $1/2. When we got to the shelf, there was an automated coupon machine offering another $1 off one 6pk. Then the packages themselves had "save $2 now" coupons on them. We figured we were scoring big time! Got to the register and the register automatically kicked out 3 of the coupons! This was Stop & Shop so I don't know if it's different at Shaws, but I know it's happened at Walmart SuperCenter also. I would think that if they all have different expirations and come from different sources it would be acceptable to use them all, but I guess not. Oh well, at least we saved $4 on them (and if I remember right $11 in coupons beyond the key tag savings). Not our best, but every bit helps :-)

  2. Paige, you can combine a store coupon & a manufacturer's coupon, but not 2 manufacturer's. Tjat's probably what happened :(

    I tried to do one last Shaw's transaction tonight, but they were out of what I needed. So I just used my catalinas to buy some necessities & 2 79 cent/lb roasting chickens :)